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Bornhava, An Early Childhood Center for Children with Developmental Disabilities

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book.jpgAny child demonstrating a developmental delay or disability--be it a challenge in physical development, communication, or learning--is going to encounter some obstacles in growing to maturity. The good news is that much can be done to nurture the development of these children, and provide adaptations necessary for them to achieve increased independence and success. It can begin at a very early age, with the determination and dedication of loving caregivers.

Bornhava is approved by the New York State Education Department to provide programming for young children with developmental disabilities and to offer support and resources for their caregivers.  Established in 1983, Bornhava's intent is to offer a home-like atmosphere where high quality therapeutic and educational interventions are provided for children with special needs from birth to five years of age. Our focus is not only on the specific needs of these children, but also on family involvement and interaction with typical children.

Currently, Bornhava's staff serve approximately 150 children, with a commitment for personalized attention to address each of their unique strengths and weaknesses. Intervention plans are developed for children with mental and physical challenges, sensory deficits, communication delays, and various developmental disabilities. These comprehensive services to children and their families are made possible through the Departments of Health in Erie and Niagara County, the New York State Education Department, and private donations