Our Staff

Our staff is the heart of Bornhava. We value and appreciate the hard work that our staff members give each and every day.

This not a comprehensive list of staff members. If you are interested in joining the Bornhava family, check here to see if there are positions available.

Name Title email Ext.
Donna Ringholz Executive Director [email protected] 302
Dr. Anna Cieri Program Co-Director [email protected] 303
Betsy Weber Program Co-Director [email protected] 303
Christina Bazinet Nurse [email protected] 307
Carol Burgess Reception & Busing [email protected] 301
Deb Cavers Charitable Contributions Coordinator Liaison [email protected] 305
Karen Eddy Billing Specialist [email protected] 304
Alan Erzkus Compliance Officer [email protected]
Jo-Ann Formoso Human Resources [email protected] 324
Robert Chiavetta Chief Financial Officer [email protected] 306
Lauren Hayes Evaluation Coordinator [email protected] 325
Courtney Lillis Information Technology [email protected]
Ann Lindemann-Czajka Social Worker [email protected] 309
Adell Norton Administrative Assistant [email protected] 308
Name Title email Ext.
Lisa Canna Center Based Classroom Teacher [email protected] 313
Susan Thomas Integrated Classroom Teacher [email protected]
Emily Eisenbaum Center Based Classroom Teacher [email protected] 315
Tara Harm Center Based Classroom Teacher [email protected] 316
Marylynn Iglesias Integrated Classroom Teacher [email protected]
Tricia Johnston Integrated Classroom Teacher [email protected]
Kathleen Coffman Center Based Classroom Teacher [email protected]
Elaine Rokitka Center Based Classroom Teacher [email protected] 317
Diane Socie Integrated Classroom Teacher [email protected]
Laura Wexler Early Intervention Classroom [email protected] 236

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