Bornhava Leaves & Dreams 2021

“Karina just loves all of her teachers and therapists at Bornhava. They make all kids feel welcomed and encourage them to be themselves. She’s made such amazing strides, made friends, and has really come out of her shell, developing her own personality. We know we made the right decision sending her to Bornhava.”

Andrew & Amanda–Karina’s Parents

Help Support Our Mission!

Bornhava is currently facing the most challenging time our organization has dealt with since opening our doors in 1983.

Who could have predicted the changes we’ve all experienced over the past 22 months? Despite the challenges, one thing has not changed—Bornhava’s continued commitment to our mission: to nurture and educate children with special needs through play in a home-like environment, while empowering their families.

You can help us to teach little hands to clap, show little feet how to walk, and make sure that their little voices are heard. You are the bridge to the future for children just like Karina. Thank you for your support!

Help has arrived for many, but we’ve been left out.

The NYS budget includes a 7% increase in public school funding forthe coming year. School-aged special education programs were givena 4% increase.

Preschool special education programs, like Bornhava, received NO increase in funding.

The US Department of Education distributed $3 BILLION to New York State School Districts for the hiring of many more teachers, special education teachers, and teacher aides.

None of these funds support special education programs like Bornhava.

As a direct result of retirements and the staffing shortage, we’ve had to temporarily shut down two integrated community-based classrooms, resulting in a loss of nearly $45,000 in revenue per month.

The shortage has also placed more responsibility upon the remainder of our dedicated staff—resulting in increased stress and low morale.

About Leaves & Dreams

In 2004, a Bornhava alumni parent learned that county funding cuts threatened the high- quality education and services that Bornhava provided. Determined to help, she decided that action was necessary to not only supplement the lost funding, but to help enhance and grow Bornhava’s programs into the future. She wanted to ensure that other children would enjoy the many benefits that her daughter had while attending Bornhava.

Since it was founded 16 years ago, the Leaves & Dreams giving campaign has done just that. From the addition of art and music programs, to therapy and playground equipment, staff development and building maintenance— Leaves & Dreams continues to make a difference each year.

About Bornhava

For more than 36 years, Bornhava has provided therapeutic and educational services to over 10,000 children, birth to 5 years old, with developmental disabilities. Whether at home, at our main campus, or at one of our 4 integrated locations throughout Western New York, Bornhava’s nurturing, play-based approach helps to provide the foundation for differently-abled children to thrive and grow into valued members of the community.

However, it’s not all about the kids. Through our family services, Bornhava provides unique and beneficial opportunities to their families, too. From parent and family counseling, and parent workshops, to parent-team conferences and men’s and women’s groups—we help families navigate the challenging moments and often confusing obstacles in their lives—together. To us, everyone that walks through our doors is part of our family.

At Bornhava, we see amazing things happen every day—and we’d love for you to be a part of it. Thank you for your interest in supporting us and for helping to further our efforts through your generous gift.

Other Ways You Can Help Us


Use your mobile phone to text
LEAVES2021” to 44321


Tell everyone about the great strides your loved one has made because of Bornhava


Encourage friends and family to apply for employment opportunities listed here.


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Go to and
Select Bornhava.


Contact your local government representatives and share your support for special education services for all children.

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