So, you’re interested in fundraising for Bornhava?

Great! Through our partnership with GiveLively, an online fundraising platform, YOU can make a difference by simply creating and sharing your very own fundraising page. It’s not only a great way to raise awareness for Bornhava, but it also has potential to make the biggest impact on our fundraising efforts.

How it works:

  1. Create your GiveLively account (it’s quick and easy). Read the directions below, then click here to get started.
  2. Once logged in, personalize your page.
    • Upload a profile image. This can be you, your child, or if you don’t have anything, you can use this Bornhava logo (clicking this link will open a logo image in a new browser tab. Save the logo, then upload it to your page by clicking the “Upload new image” link within the page preferences).
    • Add a note. Maybe tell people about your connection to Bornhava, why you’re fundraising for Bornhava, or why you’re passionate about the organization. Just keep it somewhat brief.
    • Set your fundraising goal. Whether lofty, or modest, every dollar makes a difference. Your fundraising potential will not be limited by what you decide to put in there.
    • Choose a “Hero Image”. Your page will use the default image from the Bornhava page unless you choose another option. If you were to choose another option, we’d recommend selecting “Video” and enter the following link by clicking “Edit”:
    • Click Save. Congratulations! You’ve created your Bornhava fundraising page.
  3. Promote your page!
    • Use the sharing links on your page to share it across any social media platforms you might use. Or, send a link out to your contacts through email.

Tips for promoting your page:

  1. Keep on it! For social media, don’t just post once hoping that you’ll get response and forget about it. Post 2-3 times a week sharing your link at different times on different days.
  2. Make sure your posts are not limited in visibility to maximize exposure. Set viewing preference to “Public” so anyone can view and to be more easily shared and seen by others.
  3. When posting, change your message up a bit each time so that you’re not saying the same thing each time.
  4. Challenge your social media friends/connections. Post something like: “Please Help! If only (insert number) people on here give $(insert dollar amount) each, I’ll reach my goal of (insert your goal) in support of a great non-profit called Bornhava.”
  5. Post/share your page directly to your friend’s pages. They’ll be more likely to see it and respond/give. Add a personal message when you share direct to increase probability of response/giving.
  6. Ask people to Like and Share to help increase exposure.