Pre-School Programs


    3-5 YEARS OLD

    Preschool special education services are available for children ages 3-5 who have been evaluated through their local school district’s Committee on Preschool Special Education (CPSE) and determined to have a disability or developmental delay that impacts their ability to learn. These services are provided to eligible children free of charge. Special education services can help to address concerns about a preschool child’s learning, speech, physical development, or behavior, among other areas. A child may be eligible for preschool special education services if he or she demonstrates a significant delay in any of the five areas of development:

    • cognitive (thinking and learning)
    • communication (understanding and using language)
    • physical/motor (vision, hearing, and movement)
    • social/emotional (playing, interacting with others, displaying and communicating emotions appropriately)
    • adaptive/self-help (daily living skills such as toileting, eating, and dressing)

    At Bornhava, we deliver services to according to recommendations made by the CPSE. Settings and services available through Bornhava include:


    Bornhava’s center-based classrooms are located at 25 Chateau Terrace, in Amherst, NY, 14226.  A park-like playground is part of our building and grounds. The neighborhood provides many opportunities for our children, allowing for daily walks, story time at the local library, and even occasional trips on a metro bus to a nearby grocery store.

    Our center-based program focuses on development of motor skills, cognition, communication, social interaction, and growing independence. Each preschool classroom is staffed by a certified special education teacher, and three full-time classroom aides.  Therapists work closely with the classroom team and provide individual and group services as mandated by the child’s IEP.



    At Bornhava we support 5 classrooms in the community where children with disabilities learn alongside their same age peers in an inclusive environment.  This setting allows for modeling of age appropriate language, cognitive, motor, and social/behavioral skills.  The classroom is staffed with a Special Education teacher and aide from Bornhava as well as a general education teacher and aide from the collaborating agency.  Our therapists travel to the sites to work with the children and provide individual and group therapy as mandated by the child’s IEP.  Frequent interaction with typical children continues to be an integral part of the program. This provides the opportunity for children with special needs to benefit from the play and language of age-appropriate play partners.


    Bornhava provides special education, social work services and speech, occupational and physical therapy in homes, daycares and preschools per the mandates on the child’s IEP.

    Our integrated site locations:

    • Amherst Community Church Child Care Center
    • Buffalo State College Child Care Center
    • Infant of Prague Head Start
    • Lockport Head Start

    Interested In Our CPSE Services?

    Contact Ellen Crawford, Program Coordinator at 716-839-1655.