Early Intervention



Children from birth to three years of age receive services through our Early Intervention Program; a comprehensive, goal-oriented plan of therapies, education and support to families.  The design of services is unique to each child and his/her particular needs and are provided at the location of the family’s choice.  Through the collaboration of families and professionals, an Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP) is developed.  This plan identifies the child’s strengths and areas of need, and guides the efforts of the team toward goals, which are regularly reviewed and updated.


Bornhava provides educational services, social work services, speech, occupational and physical therapies to children on an individual basis at home, in half-day groups at our center based facility or at a number of community based settings.  In our developmental group, toddlers are provided with special instruction, socialization skills, language enrichment, motor development and therapeutic interventions.  Interactive music sessions and a weekly library story hour are also available to further enhance a child’s growth and development.


Bornhava provides services in the home, daycare or various community settings.  Services include education, social work, speech, occupational therapy and physical therapy.


Parents and/or other primary caregivers are an integral part of this intervention effort.  Facilitating parent-to-parent contact, providing informational sessions with professionals, and supporting the caregivers’ role in working with other team members, are all important aspects of early intervention at Bornhava.

Our Early Intervention classroom is a special place for our youngest students.

Just beginning their journey, these little ones may need extra care, but we are with them every step of the way.

Interested in Early Intervention Services?

Services must initially be approved through the Early Intervention Program in the county that the child resides in. For more information regarding Bornhava’s specific programming, contact Ellen Crawford at 716-839-1655