Alumni Spotlight

We are celebrating our 25th auction this year (as well as Bornhava’s 35th year!). Our theme is “Through The Years” and we are reaching out to all of our past alumni to see where they are now. We would love for any past alumni be part of our Alumni Spotlight at this year’s auction.

Please mail or email the following info to us along with a pre-school age photo and a current photo by February 10th. Thank you for your help and we would love to see you at this year’s auction!

1. Name
2. Age
3. Year Graduated from Bornhava & Teacher’s Name
4. Phone
5. What has been happening since you left Bornhava?
6. Current interests/hobbies/accomplishments
7. Your favorite Bornhava memory
8. Anything else you would like to share

Send along with photos to: Pat Cammarata 25 Chateau Terr, Amherst NY 14226 or email [email protected].