Spring at Bornhava!

The weather has not been great this Spring, but that has not stopped our flowers from blooming and our chickens from hatching!

Each fall a group of young women from Nardin come and plant bulbs along the front of our building. Each Spring they bloom and welcome visitors and our children as they arrive off the buses. Thank you, Nardin!

Another annual Spring tradition is our chickens! One of our teachers, Emily has a chicken obsession appreciation. She generously brings in a bunch of eggs and incubates them in the front hall. This gives our children firsthand experience of the life cycle of this little guys. We get pretty excited around here at “chicken time”, we even have a chicken pool where staff members can take a chance on which egg will hatch first! After hatching we keep the chicks in the lobby and the kids love seeing them each day as they come in. Its a sad day when the chickens move to the farm to live our their days.