What Is DIR?

Bornhava uses the DIR (Developmental, Individual differences, Relationship-based) FloortimeTM philosophy with our preschool children in helping to build relationships, and to promote shared attention for the purpose of furthering the learning process.  We look at each child’s developmental level, their individual differences and the social relationship that is needed for learning to take place. DIR offers children the opportunity for enjoying playful, imaginative interactions with teachers and caregivers while enabling the child to learn how to share attention, relate to others, read emotional  and social signals, problem solve and think creatively and logically. It creates a foundation for building academic and social skills.

  • The “D” describes development from the perspective of the individual, where they are and where they are headed. Understanding the unique developmental process means allowing space for each person to be respected and guided in his or her own personal developmental journey.
  • The “I” describes the unique ways each person takes in, regulates, responds to, and comprehends the world around them. 
  •  The “R” describes how relationships fuel our development. Humans are social beings and relationships are a key to our human development.  DIR harnesses the key affective (emotional) aspect of these relationships to promote development. 

Understanding DIR can help us promote healthy development in all children, but it is especially powerful in helping children on the autism spectrum or with other developmental or emotional challenges. 

The Goals of DIR

To help the child:

  • Become more alert
  • Take more initiative
  • Become more flexible
  • Tolerate frustration
  • Sequence longer actions- plan and execute them
  • Problem solve and find solutions
  • Communicate gesturally and verbally
  • Take pleasure in learning

We actively employ this philosophy in all of our classrooms. Our staff receives regular training on this topic as well. For more info: http://www.icdl.com/dir