Happy Feet: Bornhava’s Walking Program

The Happy Feet Walking Program is a true Team effort from everyone at Bornhava- the staff (teachers, therapists and administration), parents and children. We all strive to enable our children to reach their full potential and to become as independent as possible. Walking is a lifelong skill that incorporates independence, social skills, cardiovascular fitness and inclusion as well as coordination, balance and endurance. For those reasons, we attempt to walk for 30 minutes every day. Throughout the year, the children improve in their ability, their speed and the distances which they are able to walk. The Buffalo Sabres Foundation has recognized the value of daily exercise. They have made resources available to support our walking program such as incentives, classroom pedometers, portable music speakers and t-shirts to continue to promote this program.  At the end of the year celebration, the children will be congratulated for having walked over 100 miles throughout the year!